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The basics of thru-hiking

It’s exciting! Thru-hiking is a niche world to discover with its own foundation that is imperative to understand. There’s so much information to sort through when it comes to thru-hiking, so we’ve boiled it down to provide the need-to-know basics for you here.

You may be preparing for your first thru-hike or maybe gearing up for your longest trail so far and looking for a refresher. Either way, we’re here to help you on your journey to learning the basics of thru-hiking.


If you’re excited about longer trails, a thru-hike may be on the horizon.

Find out more about the differtent types of hiking.
Good question! We asked some experienced thru-hikers who’ll tell you why.

Good question! We asked some experienced thru-hikers about how they got started.

What to know and how to get started with the basics of thru-hiking.

Good preparation is half of the job, so make sure you do it right!



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