Via Alpina 1

Via Alpina Switzerland

If you’re an avid hiker seeking a challenging and inspiring adventure in the heart of the Swiss Alps, the Via Alpina 1 is a trail that should be on your radar. This long-distance trail offers stunning alpine landscapes, rugged mountain terrain, and a deep connection with nature. In this article, we’ll guide you through the […]

Via Francigena

The Via Francigena is an important trade and pilgrim route that traces its legacy back to the year 990 when Sigeric, the Archbishop of Canterbury, departed UK to visit the Pope in Rome. If traveled in its entirety from Canterbury to Rome to Santa Maria di Leuca, the trail is 3200 kilometers long. Despite the […]

Via Alpina

The Via Alpina is perhaps the most famous thru-hike in Europe. This path is a network of five trails through the Alpine countries. In total, the trails are more than 5000 kilometers long and you can walk 342 stages. Because there are so many options, there is always a perfect long-distance hike for you, depending […]

Alpine Passes Trail

The Alpine Passes Trail, or the Alpine Pass Route in Switzerland, is a trail for mountain lovers. You hike 38 sections from St. Moritz to St. Gingolph in the Southern Alps near Lake Geneva. Along the way, you cross the Graubünden, Ticino, and Wallis regions, to end in Vaud. During the hike, you cross 32 […]

Walker’s Haute Route


Anyone considering hiking a long-distance hike in Switzerland will come across the Walker’s Haute Route. For many people, it’s the most beautiful trail in the Alps. The original route starts in Chamonix, where you have views of the highest mountain in Western Europe: Mont Blanc (4808 meters). After 227 kilometers, 11 mountain passes, 28,000 altimeters, […]


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