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Essential Logbook Planning

In order to prepare for your thru-hike, logbook planning is essential. This will help you to get a better picture of the complete trail and minimizes the risks of surprises. A successful logbook combines information sourced from official websites and guidebooks, maps, first-person accounts, and knowledge about your hiking habits.

By making a logbook, you will be able to better estimate if your planning is realistic or not. When you plan your daily schedule, remember to include zero days! These are the days you will not be walking, but resting. Also, make sure to include any expected costs in your logbook, because this enables you to monitor your finances and adjust any plans if needed. 

Logbook essential planning includes budget, food, kilometers and altimeters for each day, accommodation, and other notes that are important for your trek. Additionally, we recommend sharing your logbook with a trusted person so they can make sure you’re safe while you’re on the trail!

Finally, your logbook can hold your reservations and permits for different elements of your hike. And thanks to technology, it’s possible to include live links and documents to the downloaded file. 

But of course, a logbook is only useful when it’s tailored to your needs. Everyone’s logbooks will be different and organized in unique ways, so make sure you create something that works for you, especially when you’re reviewing it quickly at a junction!

Below is an example of a logbook for the Slovenian Mountain TrailThis logbook’s essential planning includes minute details for the hiker, boiled down to simple numbers for each day. The account includes daily kilometers and how many kilometers into the trip it is, where to stay, budget, estimated time, and the altimeters to climb and descend. Some people choose to include more information than this, and some choose to include less. It’s always better to over-prepare for the mountains!


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