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You have made the choice to start on a long-distance hike, so now the question is, when is the best time to embark on your adventure? This all depends on your own situation (work, school etc.), but also on which season is most suitable for your hike. By investigating these factors, you can determine which moment will be the best for you thru hike. What you need to consider:


Time of year

Some trails are not accessible throughout the year due to the weather. Trails that are encompassing high through the maintains are closed in certain seasons and most mountain huts, for example in the Alps, are only open from early spring to late autumn. It is important to consider this when planning your trip. Another important aspect is to determine if there is a certain timeframe that you need to complete the hike in. On the Pacific Crest Trail, you want to avoid northern sections due to snow or southern sections because of the heat during certain times. When hiking in (sub)tropical regions, it is necessary to consider the rainy season.


Personal planning

Next to season/weather conditions and work or education, it is important to take your own planning into consideration. If you plan your thru-hike strategically, you do not necessarily have to miss that important birthday or event with your friends or family. Unfortunately, the longer you are away, the more likely that you will miss out on some things. One option would be to make sure you have wifi or cell phone reception on that specific day to make sure that you can still be there, just in another form.

Now we have discussed some important aspects to consider when you start planning your thru-hiking adventure. However, the most important thing is to start on time! Include your friends, family, and work into your story and share your enthusiasm, because by doing so making a plan becomes more realistic. Do you know when you are going to start? Then it is time to start the physical preparation and make a plan for the route.


Work or education

Your current work or education can also play an important role in when you are able to start your thru-hike. Maybe you have an important deadline or exam to finish first? It is advisable to inform your superior about your plans with time to spare. By doing so, they can take this into account, and you are able to discuss with them what the best time is to embark on your trek. In most cases, there are more possibilities than what you thought in the beginning!

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