Leave No Trace

There are 7 principles of the leave-no-trace theory which help to preserve the spaces we love for recreation.

Planning for the Pacific Crest Trail

All I can say to planning the pacific crest trail is: YES! Go do it! It will be hard, it will be terrible, you will hurt, you will curse, you will sweat, you will be as dirty as you’ve ever been in your life and it will be amazing.

Wild camping the Camí de Cavalls with a dog​

The Camí de Cavalls is a 185km hiking trail that circles the whole of Menorca’s coast. Because it is a circular route, you can pick where you begin, although the most popular starting points are Ciutadella or Maó. I began and finished in Ciutadella.

Need to know: Hitchhiking

Although I’m now a seasoned thru-hiker, hitchhiking was my passion long before I started hiking long-distance trails. In fact, it was through hitchhiking that I discovered what thru-hiking actually was.

Best cameras for thru-hikes

As you plan your upcoming thru-hike, you likely want to document it. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best cameras for thru-hiking.

Need to know: Section hiking

Section hiking is tackling a long-distance trail in several phases. These phases can be anywhere from a weekend getaway to weeks or months at a time on a trail.

Need to know: Cold water swimming

Cold water swimming has seen an explosive resurgence in recent years. Many enjoy the mental and physical health benefits this activity yields.

Trail photography 101

Here are some tips and pointers if you are beginning your photographic journey in the mountains.


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