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Need to know: The Slovenian Mountain Trail

The Slovenian Mountain Trail is arguably the most challenging long-distance hike in Europe. You walk 617 kilometers from Maribor, in the east of Slovenia, to Debeli Rtic in the west on the Adriatic coast. You will summit more than 30 peaks and pass 55 mountain huts along the way. In total, you will climb more than 37000 altimeters. Talk about a fun time! However, good preparation is therefore essential for a successful journey. We’re here to help you as you prepare.

The packing list: what not to miss

For thru hiking, we have put together a large packing list. You can find the extensive packing list here, which is relevant, especially for the Slovenian Mountain Trail. A packing list is of course always personal but there are some items that you really need to remember.

  1. Good trekking poles

On the trail, you ascend and descend on average more than 1000 altimeters daily. Because your backpack is well-filled for this long 35-day journey, there will be a lot of pressure on your ankles, knees, and joints. Good trekking poles help you on your way up and provide relief on the way down. Honestly, I don’t even think walking this tour without poles is possible. So please take them with you! Here you will find even more information about choosing the right sticks.

  1. Via ferrata set + helmet

The trail has several stages over alpine terrain with via ferrata passages. Sometimes you will even climb on your hands and feet. The helmet comes in handy when you go under steep walls where there is a chance of falling debris. And always pay attention for ibexes that may be above you as you walk! Your via ferrata set and helmet are indispensable on this trail.

  1. Navigation App

Although the Slovenian Mountain Trail is very well marked, there are parts where a GPS or navigation app are helpful. Because you can charge your devices in almost every cabin, you can easily use an app. Make sure you can download offline versions of the maps, even if it often requires purchasing a paid version of the app. That is well worth it, and you will prevent some unwanted extra miles.

Where do you sleep?

On the trail, you will pass 55 (!) mountain huts. Here you can sleep and eat. The huts are often open from mid-June to mid-September. Some are open a little earlier or stay open a little longer, depending on weather conditions. Make sure to check the reservations for huts in the Triglav National Park, especially around the Triglav. It can be quite busy here in high season. In the other parts of Slovenia, they almost always have a spot available, although it never hurts to call the day itself so that you are sure you’ll have a bed and won’t have to sleep on the floor. Additional tip: don’t miss Bivouac Pod Skuto. This beautiful bivouac in the Kamnik Alps is an absolute gem!

Best time to visit

The Slovenian Mountain Trail can be walked from mid-June to the end of September, depending on the weather and snow conditions. Watch for late snowfall in early summer and early snowfall at the end of the season summer. Make sure you are well prepared for all possible weather conditions and when necessary, deviate from the trail. Safety first!

Useful info

On the site of the Slovenian Mountaineering Association, you will find useful information about the Slovenian Mountain Trail. They’ve also created a handy guidebook that you can buy here. I recommend reading it carefully. Then immediately buy the trail passport with which you can collect stamps along the trail. On this website of the Slovenian government, you will find more information about the weather in the mountains. Keep an eye on this one because it can be quite tricky in the Slovenian mountains!

If you have more questions about the Slovenian Mountain Trail, please email us at [email protected] or ask your question via Instagram. Here you will also find a glimpse into the trail in our highlights.

Happy trails!